The easy-to-use, affordable, remote field monitoring system for making critical crop decisions.

EnviroMonitor is a revolution of precision agriculture: it gathers intelligence by measuring, monitoring and managing critical field data related climate, irrigation, and crop production. Add almost any sensor you choose to suit your needs and microclimate. Sensor data is gathered over a secure, self-optimizing, self-healing network. EnviroMonitor will let you create a system precisely suited to deliver the information you need. With your micro-climate data in the Cloud, you'll be able to access it from your PC and mobile devices. Our site allows you to customize your dashboard, perform in-depth analysis with reports, charts and graphs, export data and much more. Easily access your data with Mobilize, our free, intuitive, decision-making app that puts field data in your hands. Customize your screen views, quickly browse sensor data, view forecasts, frost information and alarm set up and more.

EnviroMonitor 3G Gateway

$1,800.00 Inc. GST NZD

The EnviroMonitor Gateway collects all data from the Nodes and pushes it securely to the Cloud using cellular connectivity.

EnviroMonitor IP Gateway

$1,200.00 Inc. GST NZD

The EnviroMonitor Gateway collects all data from the Nodes and weather stations and pushes it securely to the Cloud using your local internet connection

EnviroMonitor Node

$800.00 Inc. GST NZD

Connect Davis' accurate and reliable sensors, as well as third party sensors such as flow meters, pressure switches and more, to an EnviroMonitor Node. You can connect up to four sensors per node.

Sensors for EnviroMonitor

These sensors are compatible with the EnviroMonitor Node.

The EnviroMonitor System consists of the following components:


1. Gateway (with or without a Weather Station)

  • records local weather data (optional)
  • receives data from remote wireless nodes (optional)
  • transmits data to the Cloud via Spark's 3G network or via your own local network


2. Wireless Nodes

  • records data from local sensor
  • wide range of sensors available for monitoring soil, air & water
  • transmits data to the Gateway



  • displays data from your stations on any standard web browser
  • stores historical data for you to download to your computer


4. Mobilize or WeatherLink smart phone App

  • view the latest data on your smart phone
  • get alerts when critial conditions arise