What do I need for a frost (wind or soil) alarm?

There are multiple options for alarming from Davis stations depending on what kind of alarm you want (audible, email or text), how far away your station is from your office, if you have an internet or 3G connection. The following is a quick summary of the functions you can get and the components you would need.

Sensor Options

Use any of the following stations which can be used with a Vantage Pro2 console:


Alarm Options

1. Vantage Pro2 Console - audible beep

This is the simplest option and uses the alarm limits on the Vantage Pro2 console to activate a beep when limits are exceeded. The beep is similar in loudness to a standard alarm clock.


  • Cheapest option, no additional hardware or software required
  • Included in the Vantage Pro2 price (can also be purchased separately (#6312)


  • Console needs to be in same room as the user to be heard
  • Requires weather station within wireless or cabled distance of console


2. WeatherLink Web - Email or SMS text alarm

WeatherLink Web is offered by Davis for remotely accessing your data. In addition to viewing data on the web, you can set up conditions for emailing reports on a schedule or during alarm conditions. If you sign up to an SMS gateway service, emails can be converted to text messages. A number of these services exist in New Zealand (for example see who offer a pay-as-you-go service in NZ without ongoing charges).
Options for getting your data onto the WeatherLink web site are:
• WeatherLinkIP datalogger (#6555) - connects your Vantage Pro2 console to an internet port (eg router). No ongoing charges.
• WeatherLink Subscription Service - provides a service to upload data from standard WeatherLink PC software (#6510) to the web. Annual (#6558) subscription.
• Vantage Connect 3G modem (#6622) - connects a VantagePro2 ISS to the Spark 3G network and the WeatherLink web. Annual data plan applies. (#6632/#6634/#6636)


  • Email or text alarms
  • Data can be accessed from anywhere with a web connection
  • Free smart phone App
  • (WeatherLinkIP or WeatherLink Subscription) Options for one off cost or ongoing subscription
  • (Vantage Connect) Allows access to remote station outside wireless distance


  • Higher cost
  • (WeatherLinkIP or WeatherLink Subscription) Requires weather station within wireless or cabled distance of console
  • (Vantage Connect) Requires Spark coverage
  • (Vantage Connect) Highest cost option
  • (Vantage Connect) No audible alarm