6332NZ Wireless Transmitter Kit

6415 Sonic Anemometer

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The Sonic Anemometer is designed to measure wind‐related conditions without moving parts.

Pairs of electro‐acoustic transducers in the anemometer send sonic pulses back and forth, and measure the time it takes for the pulse to travel from one to the other.

This time is affected by the movement of the air, which allows the anemometer to calculate wind speed and direction, calibrated by temperature measurements.

The sonic anemometer has its own solar panel, so requires no external power.


You can use the 6415 anywhere you would use a standard 6410 wind sensor.

It can be used with an EnviroMonitor Node to add wind data to an EnviroMonitor system, as well as a replacement anemometer to your Davis weather station.

Installed in a Sensor Transmitter, it can be used to include additional wind stations in your existing system when reporting to a WeatherLink Live.


Key Specifications:

  • Wind Direction Accuracy: ±2 degrees at wind speeds >3m/s; ±4 degrees at wind speeds < 3 m/s
  • Wind Speed Resolution: Measured in 1 mph. Other units are converted from mph and rounded to nearest 1 km/h, 0.1 m/s, or 1 knot
  • Wind Speed Range: 0 to 89 mph, 0 to 78 knots, 0 to 40 m/s, 0 to 144 km/h
  • Wind Speed Accuracy: ±2 mph (2 kts, 3 km/h, 1 m/s) or ±4%, whichever is greater

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