Cabled Integrated Sensor Suites (ISS)

6820C Vantage Pro2 GroWeather ISS (Cabled)

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Add Solar Radiation & Potential Evapotranspiration to the standard sensor suite

This sensor suite with standard radiation shield includes all the sensors you need-anemometer, rain collector, and temperature, humidity and solar irradiance-to measure solar energy potential or Evapotranspiration.

  • Cabled sensor suite with integrated sensors for temperature/humidity, rain and solar irradiance.
  • Includes standard radiation shield which protects against solar radiation and other sources of radiated and reflected heat.
  • Detachable anemometer provides wind speed and direction and can be sited up to 12 m above the other sensors.
  • Cabled transmission from the sensor suite to Cabled Vantage Connect, EnviroMonitor, a Cabled Vantage Pro2 console, or Cabled Weather Envoy.
  • Ability to add UV sensor.
  • Data updates every 2.5 seconds.


Compatible with:

  • Cabled Vantage Pro2 Console
  • Cabled Envoy
  • Cabled Vantage Connect
  • EnviroMonitor



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