Parts & AccessoriesParts for Vantage Pro2

Parts for Vantage Pro2

6673 Sensor Mounting Shelf for Solar & UV sensors

$70.00 Inc. GST NZD

For mounting solar radiation sensor and/or UV sensor on Vantage Pro2 integrated sensor suite. Rigid shelf with anodized aluminum posts and stainless steel hardware attaches easily next to the rain collector on the outside of the integrated sensor suite.

Aerocone Rain Collector Upgrade Kit

$76.00 Inc. GST NZD

More Accuracy in High Winds for the Vantage Pro2

Bearing cartridge for Vantage Pro2

$40.00 Inc. GST NZD

This replaces the wind speed bearing on 6410 anemometers manufactured after Spring 2013

Replacement Temperature/Humidity Sensor

$100.00 Inc. GST NZD

Replacement temperature/humidity board for Vantage Pro2 systems. Part number 7346.070.

Replacement Tipping Spoon Kit (metric) for Vantage Pro2

$102.00 Inc. GST NZD

Easily replace the tipping bucket assembly in your rain collector with the more accurate tipping spoon.

Solar Radiation Sensor

$390.00 Inc. GST NZD

Measures solar radiation and is required (along with an anemometer and a temperature/humidity sensor) if you wish to monitor evapotranspiration.

UV Sensor

$790.00 Inc. GST NZD

Measures the sunburning portion of the UV spectrum. Allows you to display UV index, dose rate, and daily and accumulated dose.

Vantage Pro2 Tune Up Kit

$270.00 Inc. GST NZD

Everything you need to give your weather station a new lease of life.